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Prevention and Communities Grants Programme Prospectus 2023 – 2026

The Prevention and Communities (P&C) Grants Programme is an historical programme which has been running for over 10 years. It was previously known as the Third Sector Grants Programme until 2019, when it was recommissioned to align with the Prevention First Outcomes Framework and renamed the Prevention and Communities Grants Programme.

The Prevention First Outcomes are:

  • Improved social participation and reduced social isolation
  • Staying independent
  • Maximised income
  • Healthier lifestyles
  • Carers feeling more supported

The P&C Grants Programme supports the delivery of the Council’s vision for Adult Social Care and transformation journey by investing in preventative approaches to support older people, people with disabilities and/or people with mental health conditions. The primary focus of the P&C Programme is on prevention and early intervention. The recommissioning of these grants was undertaken in the spring/summer of 2023 and the grants will cover the period between 1st October 2023 - 30th September 2026.

This prospectus was created to provide citizens, professionals, volunteers, and groups with an overview of the projects, delivered by local charities and organisations who have received a P&C grant.

To view the prospectus in full CLICK HERE

If you would like more information on prevention in Adult Social Care, as well as an interactive directory of what is available in Birmingham, please see Connect to Support