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1. Q: What’s different about TWR compared to other online directories?

A: TWR, we feel, provides Birmingham and Solihull citizens with the best access route to both local and national services in the UK. Through a minimum number of clicks you can find the right services to meet your needs with the services being available within 24 Life Domain areas. TWR makes it easy to link directly to appropriate websites or even call organisations directly straight from your phone or by Skype on your PC.

2. Q: How do I get hold of the resource keys?

A: We can make the resource keys available to you and your organisation. If you want us to send you the options for receiving keys and the posters then please email us

3. Q: How does the Quick Response Reader work?

A: Some smart devices have a QR reader already built into the camera such as the iPhones with the latest updates. If however you are having trouble finding a QR reader, please check out our easy to follow steps as set out in our video online

4. Q: What if I can’t find the service I am looking for?

A: You can use the search tool on TWR, but if you can’t find the service you need you may want to try looking at other online directories. We have made this simple for you. Just go to the “General” section and look for the other databases held in there. It might also be the fact that we haven’t heard about the service type you are looking for. We work hard to keep TWR as relevant and up to date as possible but there will always be some services we may not know about. If you want to tell us about a service you would like adding to TWR then just go to Submit New Service and fill in the blanks.

5. Q: Can I tell other people about the services on TWR if I think it might help them?

A: Absolutely! TWR has been designed so that you can share services through social media as well as share it with your friends by text or by email. Check out our short video

6. Q: English isn’t my preferred language. Does TWR translate into other languages?

A: Yes – TWR translates to over 100 languages making it highly accessible across all communities.

7. Q: Does TWR collect personal data about me?

A: We use some data, the data we record helps us with the development of the website and supports the improvement local services. All the data is anonymous, for more information please check out our privacy policies

8. Q: Is there a charge for using TWR or the services?

A: There is no charge for using TWR, however some of the services within TWR may charge a fee for their service if you choose to actively engage with them.


9. Q: How often is TWR updated with new services?

A: TWR is reviewed on a regular basis. We do appreciate that on the odd occasion a link may not, if this occurs please let us know via our feedback page.

10. Q: Am I able to add a service to TWR?

A: You can add a service to TWR by clicking Submit New Service our senior administrator will review the service before deciding whether the service is appropriate for inclusion. The final decision is solely down to the discretion of the TWR developers.

11. Q: Can I access TWR from anywhere in the world?

A: Yes. You can access TWR in any country, but the services highlighted are UK based Birmingham and Solihull services. A few national support services have also been made available.

12. Q: What times are the services on TWR open?

A: TWR is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but you will need to check each services website for their individual opening times.

13. Q: Is TWR mobile friendly? Will it work on any device?

A: TWR is mobile friendly and works on the vast majority of smart technologies

14. Q: How can I give my feedback to TWR?

A: You will be able to give your feedback via our Submit Feedback page, your feedback can be given anonymously but if you want us to get back in touch, you will need to leave your name and email address.

15. Q: Who are the developers behind TWR

A: Common Unity and Forward For Life

16. Q: How can I get in touch with you?

A: Email us here

17. Q: I don’t live in Birmingham or Solihull. Can I have TWR in my area?

A: TWR can be developed anywhere. There are some national services though that may still be of use to you if you live outside Birmingham and Solihull

18. Q: Can anyone use the TWR logo?

A: Not without permission from the developers. TWR and its platform is exclusively registered with Common Unity and Forward For Life.

19. Are you o.k. with us using The Waiting Room link on our intranet or website?

A: Yes, TWR is a directory for everyone. 

20. How do I contact TWR?

A: Click here to be linked to TWR contact.

21. How do I know the services shown are any good?

A: Before making use of any of the services advertised on The Waiting Room, it is advised that you satisfy yourself of an organisation’s suitability. If a professional supporting you e.g. Doctor, or a Support Worker, suggest services to you, it is recommended that you satisfy yourself of an organisation’s suitability before making use of the services offered. The developers of The Waiting Room do not endorse any service highlighted. To know more about this, please read our Disclaimer by clicking here

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