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Service Highlight: The Delicate Mind

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The Waiting Room is proud to be supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, which takes place this week. Mental Health Awareness Week exists to drive change, so together we can prioritise the UK’s mental health, prevent mental health problems and take action to make sure we live in a society that values and promotes good mental health for everybody. The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 is ‘Movement: Moving more for your mental health

The Waiting Room aims to support Birmingham and Solihull communities in respect of their mental health, well-being and quality of life by working with key local and national organisations that can help you be more informed of the support available.

Today, we are highlighting the amazing work of The Delicate Mind CIC, an award-winning mental health Community Interest Company that serves racialised communities and has worked with over 105 organisations. The Delicate Mind examines inequality and how it adds to poor mental health, where key areas considered are faith, class, identity and masculinity and how it effects mental health and wellbeing. The Delicate Mind works across sectors and communities from different faith backgrounds to address key factors that have an impact on our mental health. To do this, they connect across sectors and communities from different faith backgrounds to address key factors that have an impact on our mental health. By fostering greater community cohesion between different groups, their aim is to restructure the entire mental health system.

The Delicate Mind explore the themes of faith, class, masculinity and identity in their work with disadvantaged communities as these themes are crucial to deliver long term impact in mental health. The work of The Delicate Mind included hosting workshops, training, media advocacy, lectures and research in this area. There are a number of services which The Delicate Mind provide, which may be relevant to you. They are as follows:

The Mindful Muslims Programme

Delicate Mind: Bereavement Support Session

On the last Saturday of the month The Delicate Mind welcomes the Muslim community to drop in and speak about anything related to mental health. This is a free peer to peer Muslim mental health support service. This allows individuals to come to a safe space and speak openly about any mental health issue they are experienced, where support will be provided. To learn more: The Mindful Muslims Programme - The Delicate Mind

Free World Mental Health Day Magazine

The Delicate Mind has produced a mental health magazine, which is available in English, Urdu, Arabic and Bangla. This magazine provides information on mental health terms and jargon, treatments available, how the NHS can help and many other useful information. To learn more and download a free copy please visit: Further Support - The Delicate Mind

For further information about The Delicate Mind, please visit:


Instagram: thedelicatemind_uk/

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Facebook Page: The Delicate Mind